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Hello, and a warm welcome! I'm Jenny Gould, living in Oxfordshire, England, But because I work  virtually, it doesn't matter where you live - we can connect wherever in the world you are.


So, if you are living with stress, anxiety or depression, or dealing with emotional problems I’d like to help.  Perhaps you feel held back by fears or phobias and would like to be free of them? If you’d like to make some positive and lasting changes , together we can  work to overcome obstacles, dissolve fears and negative thinking, and allow you to take control of your life and your future


           Jenny Gould

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy


Combining cognitive behavioural techniques with clinical hypnotherapy  is a modern and extremely effective therapy that brings about positive and lasting changes. Here are just some of the issues I can help with:  Stress, Anxiety, Confidence, Sleep problems, IBS, Exam  Panic attacks, Public speaking, Anger, Depression, Weight management, Phobias and fears, Emotional issues, Habits, Hypnobirthing, Low self-esteem, Personal growth, Relationship problems, Managing change, Jealousy...and more

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Sessions are also available by Zoom, Skype, phone and email.